Sunday, 10 August 2008

Suzuki Den

Over the last few weeks I have been working on a commission for Suzuki at a showroom in Hackney. The client wanted the interior of the showroom to be transformed and its clinical white walls to become more personalised and urban looking, similar to the surrounding neighbourhood.

I have designed a number of images, mainly portraits, with a theme of Suzuki's history and past heroes (and a couple of other iconic motorbike themed characters including an old school Hell's Angel). I painted the images directly onto the walls, using a projector.

It's a work in progress but here are some photos of the job so far..

My photo
Louise is an illustrator based in London. After graduating from Kingston University, Louise went on to win a D&AD New Blood award for her book of illustrated shorts 'I Married a Toyboy Convict'. Recent clients include Random House, No Brow, Super Superficial and Suzuki Motoden. Contacts: (preffered email adress) All work Copyright of LOUISE ZERGAENG POMEROY


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